Soccer statistics odds offline application

Application Soccer statistics odds consist of 3 main tabs and one menu.

Tabs are :

Qyery mode

Use for searching the teams that are the best choice according to Selected criteria for chosen games type and game tip.

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Actual odds

Generate statistics odds for current turn as well as odds on league level.

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Experimental mode

On this tab you have opportunity to pick a pair from selected League and calculate statistics odds as well as to see League table, Past games and Next Games for selected pair.

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Menu is consisted from 4 different parts:


  • Settings This part is used for Application parameters settings , this shouldn’t be change unless there is no such notification published on our site
  • Update For updating new data , just click on update and that it’s all, important to know that you need to update application twice a week in Monday and Friday on 11 h AM if you want to you database be fresh and right.
  • Exit (Exit from Application or you can simply close the window)


  • Result Use to display results according to selected League and Last N option for turns) This module is not finished yet , but there is some part that can be used.
  • Registration Use to register new client and to unlock application.
  • Trial (not in use)


  • Current Turn Search for the best pair in the current turn according to selected option for game type , game tip and some more.


Link for online explanation for application.

How to use?

The idea of this web site is to help players choosing the VERY best bet, and to eliminate the advantage that betting houses have. The reason why house always win is very simple, the odds are pure mathematics . Essential reason for this is relationship between odds and probability which is always positive for betting house. For example in American rullet there is 38 fields with zero and double zero but odd is 36 . It simply to conclude that positive expecting is on house side. If betting house should give odds for toss a coin where exists only two possibility( letter and head ) the righteous odds should be 2.0 for letter and 2.0 for head. But house will give 1.9 on letter and 1.9 on head.

After this everything what should came is pure mathematics. Theorems in probability and statistics says that what longer you play the number of times that you toss a coin divided with the number of time you got a letter should tent to 0.5 for sure, and deviation should be so small that it is irrelevant.

This means that there is no uncertainty, it can exists only in one toss . But when there are a lot of tosses everything becomes a probability theorem. The differences between tossing a coin and soccer odds is because you know in advance probability for first case and you couldn’t know for sure probability for second case(soccer odds). Because we couldn’t know for sure what will happen, betting house will decrease the odds in the way it could have 7.5%- 12 % of positive expectation.(Try to place bet on all 3 tip,1,X,2 for Full Time game). House uses this strategy to make advantage against the player.

In additional to that House need to share odds appropriate on possible game tips. For example odds
1 X 2
2.0 3.0 3.0
for Full Game is odds with positive expecting. But if house give that odd on game which Inter played with some bad team, positive expectation would be broken on tip1(Inter win). Because inter should win in 90 % cases games like this.

There is more than 15000 odds on the net (about 500 games * 30 odds for every game). Also the people who making odds are much more concern for the events that all people plays and for the most popular teams like Milan, Inter, Arsenal , Barcelona (favorites) because main money goes on that events. I believe that it’s not possible that all odds are good, but the problem is how do you know what is right . Because of that I made this program which calculate almost all odds that exists in bet offer.

For betting ,the success is if player could stay on his own , because it means that he succeed to avoid house advantage of 10 %. It is a good base for starting to get a good money. Good Luck!!